Hip Arthroscopy In Depth

Why My Results are Better &
Why My Surgery is Less Painful

Minimize Traction, Optimize Surgery with Extensive Capsulotomy

My procedure is done in the lateral decubitus position (lying on the side) with the  affected side attached to a Smith and Nephew Hip Distractor®/Positioner.

The entire surgery is usually done through 2 “Portals” which are  approximately 6 mm punctures for the 4mm arthroscope and instruments.

A planned capsulotomy (a cut through the covering of the hip joint, which may be repaired or plicated) gives me visualization of the entire hip space, which makes it easier to diagnose and treat the problems and damage. Nearly all of the procedure is done with the hip in a relaxed position.

Most of the procedure time is done in the peripheral space (outside of the joint space, for which no traction may be required).

Traction (distraction) is only applied to enter the center of the hip when necessary, for removal of debris, loose bodies, micro-fracture and labral repairs.

With minimizing traction time, the patient usually wakes up from anesthesia with very little pain. We control post-operative pain with NSAIDs and a GameReady® ice/compression device, attempting to avoid narcotics.

Caution: The following medical educational videos contain actual footage of surgical procedures.

Hip Arthroscopy Procedure

Two examples of Hip Arthroscopy via the lateral approach are performed by Thomas G. Sampson M.D. A variety of hip joint specifics are shown, including FAI, acetabuloplasty, femoroplasty and cartilage debridement.

Arthroscopic Approach to FAI

This is a seminar given by Thomas G. Sampson M.D. on the topic of the Hip Arthroscopy specific to femoroacetabular impingement. Often referred to as the innovator of modern Hip Arthroscopy, Dr. Sampson takes viewers through his approach to Hip Arthroscopy and the specific step he performs during the procedure.

National Medical Report

Hip Arthroscopy Video

The video covers the following:

  • Adverse affects of overdoing phyical excercise
  • The sights of Femoroacetabular Impingement
  • Minimally invasive, Hip Atrthroscopy surgical procedure
  • Testimony from patients