Patient Surgical Guide

What my patients will need to know before, the day of and the days after their surgical procedure.

Before Your Surgery

    • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight, the night before your surgery. This includes water and gum. If it is necessary for you to take medication by the direction of your physician please do so with only a sip of water.
    • Please arrange for a responsible person to drive you home after surgery or accompany you home. You will not be allowed to leave alone and unattended.
    • Stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications at least 72 hours prior to surgery. Notify your physician if you are taking any blood thinners.
    • Notify your surgeon or our nurses about any changes in your health such as a cold, fever, runny nose, cough, diarrhea, etc.

Day Of Your Surgery

    • Please arrive an hour and fifteen minutes before your surgery.
    • Please bathe or shower prior to surgery with soap and water. Remove any make-up, nail polish, lotions and oils.
    • Wear loose comfortable clothing for easy dressing after surgery. Please leave all valuables at home. Please do not bring anyone under the age of 16.

After Your Surgery

    • It is not unusual to feel a little sleepy, lightheaded or dizzy several hours after surgery.
    • Do not drive, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, or operate machinery for 24 hours.
    • Your surgeon will prescribe pain relief medication, as needed, for at-home use following surgery.
    • You will be given post-operative instructions. The nurses will review these with you and answer any questions.
    • We will send you a survey in the mail following your surgery. Please take a moment to fill this out and return it to the center. We appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have regarding your experience at Post Street Surgery Center.

Printable Forms

For your convenience, you may complete the printable forms below and either fax them to our office ahead of time or bring them with you to your appointment. We recommend, in order to safeguard your personal information, that you do not e-mail these forms to us. If you have any questions regarding this process, please call our office.

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Confidential Intake Form

With this form you will provide the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • Referral Information
  • Reason for Visit (and Related Information)
  • Insurance Information

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Patient Pain Diagram

With this form you will mark the areas on your body where you feel the sensations of:

  • Aching
  • Numbness
  • Pins an Needles
  • Burning
  • Stabbing